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Master the Elements in VR – Official Early Access Release Nov 16th

Set in a world of fantasy and martial arts, Elemental Combat is a competitive VR game that blends the speed and intensity of a modern FPS with the strategy of classic arcade fighting games. Use your hands to let fire fall from the sky or raise mighty walls of earth in VR.
Customize your avatar and take the fight online!

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We are looking to actively co-create this game with you, the community. We believe in the creative power of the gaming community.

We encourage you to share with us your creative ideas and input, so we can make this game as awesome as it can be!  You can reach us on any social media site, as well as our forums.

Let’s create something great together!

The Roadmap

Elemental Combat is in a pre-alpha stage.
We have completed the basic fighting system with all four elements, and are beginning development on the following features:

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PvP Multiplayer

Test your mastery over the elements in Virtual Reality against your friends and others online. We aim to create a balanced fighting system that supports an active, competitive community. This includes friend lists and matchmaking. Climb up the global rankings to show the world your mastery over the elements  and your opponents.

Powerful Martial Art Movements

Channel your power in the game by performing martial arts movements. The accuracy of your movements affects your control over the elements.  As you progress through the game, you can unlock more powerful abilities and hidden techniques, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks and raise impenetrable defenses.

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 A.I. Training and Offline Mode

Step on the training grounds to hone your techniques and devise tactics in a safe environment. Play against AI opponents with customizable difficulty, or create a sandbox game to train your powerful punches.

Choose Your Playing Style

Control all of the elements.  Our goal with Elemental Combat is to make every element feel unique and suit varying play styles. Each element has different interactions with each other. For example: a water barrier will be more effective against a fire attack. Choose your own style with an elemental skill system and create a fighting style that fits to you.


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Elemental Combat Lore: Dragon’s Fall

Tao’s strange dreams and stranger talents have taken him far from the Beijing streets he once called home.

Stranded in the Wuling Mountains and seeking answers, Tao must now find the path to the Great Fire Temples of Xiangbala and win the Elemental Tournament.

But the path to Xiangbala is treacherous and, this year, deadly…