Dear aspiring students of Xiangbala,

we are happy to announce that the Alpha Phase was a great success. We collected your awesome feedback and ideas. Be assured that we are working hard so you can see many more of your proposals inside the game.

The play time numbers and your positive feedback blew us away. We are confident to make Elemental Combat into the game we can all be proud of. Our goal is to make Elemental Combat THE VR fighting game out there.

Some words about you, the community, that has formed around Elemental Combat: you are amazing, smart and giving the game its special touch we are all looking for. Our community started little and is now growing constantly with VR veterans and VR newcomers joining us every day. We are proud to have you as our community.

We are now closing the Alpha Phase as we will focus on the next steps of the development process and that is our Early Access release on the 16. November 2017. Wishlist us, if you have not yet. Reach out to your favorite Blog and YouTubers and tell them about the game.

We also have some other things planned we want to announce before the release…so stay tuned!

Your Elemental Combat Team!