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Alpha Phase has ended

Dear aspiring students of Xiangbala, we are happy to announce that the Alpha Phase was a great success. We collected your awesome feedback and ideas. Be assured that we are working hard so you can see many more of your proposals inside the game. The play time numbers and your positive feedback blew us away. [...]

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Chapter 15

Tao returned to the inn only to find his room empty.  Zhi had wandered off somewhere, no doubt drunk, his tinker's pack left strewn next to his bed.  Fu was curled up in a tight ball on Tao's pillow, her feet gently twitching as she dreamed.  Tao didn't bother to move her and [...]

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Chapter 14

The ground rushed to meet Tao as he fell face first from the second floor.  He whipped his hands in front of him to brace for the impact.  He should've screamed – he should've panicked – but in the mere seconds between his fall and his crash, Tao's mind went blank.  Absolutely blank. [...]

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World Premiere at Quo Vadis

The Quo Vadis is a famous gaming conference and took place in the German capital Berlin from the 24th-26th April as part of the Gamesweek Berlin. And we were invited! Between various industry expert panels, indie showcases and press, we got the opportunity to move into our own VR booth to present Elemental Combat [...]

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Chapter 13

Nestled in the Wuling Mountains, bookended by two massive stone gateways, was River Rock – a string of old buildings that lined a small, stone road.  Lanterns hung from the gabled roofs, painting the street below in their gentle light.  Women and men, dressed in cheongsams and changshans, milled about in the night [...]

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Chapter 12

"Your left!" Zhi shouted. Tao had a moment to react.  He saw the the rock hurdling towards him.  He tried to gather his Qi – to visualize his defense – but he was too late.  The rock connected with his arm and sent him flying like a rag doll.  Tao tasted blood and [...]

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We launched on Patreon

We heard you loud and clear.  After a few of our trailers for Elemental Combat have gone viral on Reddit and Imgur, many of you asked how you could support us during the development process.  That's why we're launching our page on Patreon. But there's another way to support us besides donating, and that's word [...]

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Chapter 11

Zhi spent the entire day burying the three men. Tao simply stood and watched as Zhi dug into the earth with his bare hands, shoveling away the dirt for each shallow grave. His skin glistened with sweat, his ragged breathing carrying through the mist. But never once did he complain, or slow his [...]

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