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Chapter 09 & 10

- 09 - There was an odd sense of deja-vu in the moment. Tao looked at the beer at his foot, Zhi making another horrible concoction over the fire. Fu slept comfortably at his feet, her warm fur pressed closely to him. Tao felt the ridge on his tongue where hours ago an [...]

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Chapter 08

"You mean killed, right?" asked Tao. Zhi held Tao's gaze for a moment before breaking into a large yawn. "Killed, murdered – we buried him all the same. Even the Master Sage isn't all powerful. In the end, he's mortal just like everyone else. So there's your dragon for you, kid. Dead. Now [...]

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Chapter 07

"I don't know. It was like I was slowly walking into a dream or something. First I'm here – or there, on the steps, I mean. Then all of the sudden I'm five years old again and running through the streets of Beijing. Yeah, and then out of nowhere, I was falling a [...]

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Chapter 06

Tao stared at his bowl. The broth was practically water, bits of random plants and animals drifting on its surface. Fu gave Tao a small whimper, a similar bowl of soup lying untouched in front of her. "Here," the man said, tossing Tao a can. Tao looked at it before quirking an eyebrow [...]

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Chapter 05

The steps seemed to go on forever, winding their way deeper and deeper into the forest below. Tao walked with his good arm outstretched, a flame dancing in his open palm for light. But no matter how large or how bright Tao made the flames grow, the light was never enough to pierce [...]

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Chapter 04

Tao wasn't one to judge. Stealing was always the last resort of the desperate. After working hard got you nothing, after begging got you nothing... People didn't steal for fun. They stole to survive. Tao looked at the fox, a prawn cracker hanging from its mouth. "Might as well join me," said Tao, [...]

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Chapter 03

He did it again. Tao remembered the first time he called upon fire. It was a winter in Beijing, and Tao had spent the past few days freezing on the streets. He needed food – money – so he took to Financial Street, where all the government agencies were. It was dangerous to [...]

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Elemental Combat Lore

Dear Elemental Combatans, I am happy to announce that we finished the preparations for the release of the lore story of Elemental Combat: Dragon's Fall. We are big fans of the stories in games. The story is the glue that binds every aspect of the game together and keeps you on the edge of your [...]

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Chapter 02

There were very few things Tao thought he could be impressed by. In Beijing, he grew up running around the streets, passing through ancient Hutongs and temples, always under the shadow of the Imperial Palace. But this... This was different. Carved into the very mountain itself was a gate, two massive stone doors [...]

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Chapter 01

The dragon ripped through the clouds, lightning trailing in its wake. It screamed once, its voice thunder – sorrow and pain – as it floated, weightless, above the heavens. And then it fell. It plunged through the sky like a meteor, falling backwards down to the mountains below. From its side, a spear [...]

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