Elemental Combat Announcement

We are happy to announce our first VR game title: Elemental Combat. The expected release for the project is scheduled for 2017. Players can already apply here for the Alpha that is expected to come in 2017.

About Elemental Combat
Elemental Combat is a fast-paced multiplayer game for Virtual Reality and high-end HMDs, where players can bend the four elements to either attack their opponents or defend themselves. By performing martial arts movements players are bending elements in VR. The complexity of the movements and also the accuracy of the performer have an impact on the power and success of the attack and defense. The elements fire, water, earth and air will have different effects on each other, thus giving more freedom for tactical creativity.

More details regarding this will be released soon.


The Roadmap

The game Elemental Combat is in an early stage. We have completed the basic fighting system with all four elements and now are aiming to further develop this game. We are aiming for having the following features in the final release (please be aware that these can be subject to change if certain circumstances change).
PvP Multiplayer:
Players will be able to test their bending abilities in Virtual Reality against their friends and other people over the internet. We aim at creating a balanced fighting system that supports an active competitive community. This includes friend lists and matchmaking.

Complex Attack Moves:
We want to give players the opportunity to make more complex martial arts movements to bend more powerful attacks and defenses

Players will earn points by winning games and can climb up the competitive ladder.

Unlocking of New Attack Moves:
Players can progress through the game and unlock new skills and moves as they level up.

A.I. Training System and Offline Mode
For players who want to practice their bending skills in private there will be an offline A.I. training simulator.


Background Story

Elemental Combat takes place in the high mountains of China, where monks for centuries learned how to control their body and soul through hard training and long meditation. These monks were the first to discover, that suddenly their supernatural focus extended beyond their bodies. They learned how to manipulate the very elements themselves. As people started to learn about this new power, they traveled to these places to learn this nearly magical power themselves. More and more people were able to control and bend water, fire, earth and air. With this knowledge came power and with power came corruption.

To keep these humans with extraordinary power under control, the four major elemental schools joined forces and established the Elemental Tournament to determine the most powerful bender in the world. I see you also have this power. But will you be strong enough to win?

You, the Community

We want to keep a very close connection to our player base. This is where you, the community comes in. We are looking to actively co-create this game with you. We are encouraging you to share your creative ideas and inputs regarding the game with us so we can make this game as awesome as it can get! We will be in dialogue over all major platforms. Let’s create something great together! We will keep you updated with another elemental combat announcement as our development continues!


Your Elemental Combat team. \o/