All news and announcements for Elemental Combat.

Alpha Phase has ended

Dear aspiring students of Xiangbala, we are happy to announce that the Alpha Phase was a great success. We collected your awesome feedback and ideas. Be assured that we are working hard so you can see many more of your proposals inside the game. The play time numbers and your positive feedback blew us away. [...]

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World Premiere at Quo Vadis

The Quo Vadis is a famous gaming conference and took place in the German capital Berlin from the 24th-26th April as part of the Gamesweek Berlin. And we were invited! Between various industry expert panels, indie showcases and press, we got the opportunity to move into our own VR booth to present Elemental Combat [...]

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We launched on Patreon

We heard you loud and clear.  After a few of our trailers for Elemental Combat have gone viral on Reddit and Imgur, many of you asked how you could support us during the development process.  That's why we're launching our page on Patreon. But there's another way to support us besides donating, and that's word [...]

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Elemental Combat Lore

Dear Elemental Combatans, I am happy to announce that we finished the preparations for the release of the lore story of Elemental Combat: Dragon's Fall. We are big fans of the stories in games. The story is the glue that binds every aspect of the game together and keeps you on the edge of your [...]

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Elemental Combat Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video

Greetings, My name is Master Chi San and I am here to guide you through the latest gameplay updates of our VR game Elemental Combat. After your incredible feedback we went back to work with refreshed vigor. We added more abilities, a new A.I. and the basic balancing. Fist, Elemental Combat a new pre-alpha gameplay [...]

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Have you ever dreamed about what would you do if you had the power to bend the elements? Make your dream become a reality! About the Idea We said in the beginning we want to co-create Elemental Combat with you. Therefore we would love to hear your input. We are interested to listen to your creative [...]

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Avrlon announces Elemental Combat

Elemental Combat Announcement We are happy to announce our first VR game title: Elemental Combat. The expected release for the project is scheduled for 2017. Players can already apply here for the Alpha that is expected to come in 2017. About Elemental Combat Elemental Combat is a fast-paced multiplayer game for Virtual Reality and high-end HMDs, [...]

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