My name is Master Chi San and I am here to guide you through the latest gameplay updates of our VR game Elemental Combat. After your incredible feedback we went back to work with refreshed vigor. We added more abilities, a new A.I. and the basic balancing.

Fist, Elemental Combat a new pre-alpha gameplay video to show.So sit, lean back and enjoy.

More Elements
The wise masters allowed us a glimpse into the vast power that is called elemental bending. In this gameplay video, you can see that we improved our mastery over the other elements and their attacks and defenses. Now you can manipulate water, fire, earth and air to shield you or fire projectiles at your opponents.

Improved A.I.
Before you can test your abilities against real opponents, you will have to learn the basics and prove yourself worthy. Therefore we trained the A.I. night and day. It dynamically attacks and defends now. This training will be nothing for the faint-hearted.

Basic Balancing
Balancing is crucial for competitive games. We laid the groundwork in the last weeks for Elemental Combat to be a fair and balanced VR fighting game. Our goal for the elements is to make them have a different feel, behavior and impact in the gameplay.

Next Milestones

For our next milestone we are aiming at having more complex attacks moves and abilities. We want to improve the balancing, polishing the graphics, improving performance and coming closer to our first alpha version of Elemental Combat.

Until next time!


Master Chi San