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October 2016



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Founded in 2016 by three VR enthusiasts David Gattig, Marcelo Carvalho and Thiago Junqueira, with the desire to create the most played competitive Virtual Reality gaming company in the world.

Currently, Avrlon is working on the competitive VR game Elemental Combat, where players have complete and immersive control over the elements. It is a fast-paced, competitive Virtual Reality game that blends the speed and intensity of an FPS with martial arts and RPG elements. Players use their hands to let fire fall from the sky or raise mighty walls of earth in VR. They can customize their avatar and take the fight online!

The game can be bought through Steam.


It’s almost 6:00 PM now and the sun is setting fast.  We take a breather as the evening commuters rush by us, trickling through the Berlin streets.  Eight hours.  We’ve spent eight hours doing this.  In front of us, resting by the curbside, is a single desk.  A ten Euro desk.  Our first day of work at AVRLON and we spent it  carrying this desk back to a makeshift office in our CFO’s living room.  When we finally lugged it all the way back and carried it up the stairs, we realized something.

It wobbled.

This is the one of the shittier parts of running a startup – the less-glamorous parts that companies like Facebook and Uber like to pretend don’t exist.  The part where you have to eat three balanced meals of Cup Noodle a day.  Where you have to pour all your savings into high-end computer rigs and VR devkits.  And then, if you’re lucky, a desk.

At some point, you have to decide whether you’re cut out for the startup life or not.  You have to objectively weigh the risks and rewards.  For us, that moment was so far in the rearview mirror by the time we dragged that desk back across the city.  We were the kids who waited for their letters from Hogwarts, who held weekly D&D game nights, who stayed up into the early hours of morning discussing which House they would belong to long before HBO put out the first season of GoT.  For us, creating Elemental Combat was never a choice.

In November 2016, the first prototype of Elemental Combat was done. The videos of the prototype went viral multiple times with the amazing help of the 9gag, Imgur and Reddit communities. The website crashed 2 times because of the high viral traffic from those platforms. Encouraged from the resounding feedback,we presented Elemental Combat on several high profile gaming conferences like the ARVR Innovate and Quo Vadis to gather direct player feedback.

It’s exciting, terrifying, and a little confusing to see how far we’ve come today.  We pressed the button and we released Elemental Combat into Early Access on the 16. November 2017.  In the space of a year, we’ve expanded our team to eight people and moved out of a living room and into a proper office.  Our content has gotten to the front page of 9Gag, Reddit, and Imgur, and we’ve got a fanbase of thousands.

More than anything, all of us at AVRLON are humbled.  We sacrificed a lot on the way, but we didn’t get here alone.  And yes, we still have the desk.


– Intense elemental multiplayer battles
– Engaging single player mode
– Adaptive motion tracking
– Competitive ranking
– Individual fighting and playing styles
– Customizable avatars
– Multitude of possible skill combinations and unlockable abilities


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The founder team

The original founders David Gattig and Marcelo Carvalho worked in the same team in the biggest German game company as product managers. Their passion for games, Virtual Reality and entrepreneurship brought Avrlon to life. At the same time, Thiago Junqueira worked together with Marcelo on smaller game projects for almost 2 years. All of them decided to quit their jobs and start the project Elemental Combat. They had one goal: to create a competitive VR game, where the community and developers work together. Ian Goold accumulated a vast portfolio of design skills in his time at Sony working on AAA titles such as Days Gone. He joined Avrlon in 2017 to push the art and design of Elemental Combat to the next level. Together, the founder team combines a business decision making mindset with technological expertise and cutting-edge design thinking to tackle the challenges of the new era of VR, AR and MR.

Marcelo Carvalho


David Gattig


Thiago Junqueira


Ian Goold