Have you ever dreamed about what would you do if you had the power to bend the elements? Make your dream become a reality!

About the Idea
We said in the beginning we want to co-create Elemental Combat with you. Therefore we would love to hear your input. We are interested to listen to your creative ideas regarding awesome bending attacks and more. Just respond to this Reddit Question here or comment on Facebook. We will pick the most awesome and creative ideas and put them into the game for you!

Why co-creation?
Did you ever wish to have a direct impact in the game you love? We certainly have. And now we want to share this power to create something completely new and epic with you.

A lot of people do not have the technical skills or the time to translate their incredible imagination and ideas for a game they are passionate about into reality. We want to change that! That is why we want to encourage you to be vocal about what you would love to see in the game.

We strongly believe in the creative power of the community, which nearly always exceeds the creativity of the individual by far. You have already seen what a few people can do. Now imagine what thousands of sharp and creative minds can come up with together!

Game and Community
A game is nothing without a thriving and passionate community. A community breathes life into a game, which in itself is just an empty shell. A great community can raise to something more than a game. It can evolve from a mere pastime to a passionate hobby, to the center of a conversation with your friends and even to something that you dedicate your whole life to. We believe that together we can shape Elemental Combat into the most kick-ass game for VR in existence.

Let’s do it together!