The Quo Vadis is a famous gaming conference and took place in the German capital Berlin from the 24th-26th April as part of the Gamesweek Berlin. And we were invited! Between various industry expert panels, indie showcases and press, we got the opportunity to move into our own VR booth to present Elemental Combat for the first time to a live audience.


Our booth at the indie showcase area


The two weeks before the event were filled with intense work. Every puzzle piece like animations, sound effects and attack structures now had to be put together to a coherent game with each part working together like gears in a clock. Also we needed a tutorial for the players to learn the basic controls of the game without our direct help. Only with the help of our dev duckys (#devducky) did we remain somewhat sane in the process.


Our Lead Dev Thiago with the strong support of the devducky

When the doors opened at the Quo Vadis and people showed up at our booth, we were so happy to see the smiles on the players faces when they tried out the game and threw fire balls around the arena.  We talked with more players than we can count. We learned a lot of things about what we can do to improve the game. (With even some live-coding sessions with Thiago during the conference) We still have a long way to go, and this was just the first step of our own baby into the big world called gaming industry.

Our CEO David (left) explaining the mechanics to a player

In the end, the Quo Vadis was a great event. Watching players interacting with your game is breath-taking experience and that is worth every hour worked late at night to fix the last bugs. Our next event will be the ARVR Innovate Conference in Dublin on the 11th May. If you are in the area, come by and try out the game yourself!


Your Avrlon Team



Alpha Phase has ended

World Premiere at Quo Vadis

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