Files by Google Enhances User Experience with Drive’s Advanced Document Scanner Integration

Scarlett Turner


Files by Google Enhances User Experience with Drive’s Advanced Document Scanner Integration

Google is known for its continuous innovation and enhancement of user experience across its suite of apps. In a recent update, the tech giant has decided to integrate its advanced document scanning technology from Google Drive into the Files by Google app. This update brings a significant improvement to how users manage their documents on their mobile devices.

The built-in scanner in Google Drive has been a useful tool for users needing to digitize documents on the go. Recognizing the importance of this feature, Google has now made it available in the Files by Google app. The update includes a new floating action button that launches the machine learning-powered scanner. This feature promises to streamline the process of scanning documents, with the added convenience of having all scanned files saved locally in a dedicated directory.

The camera preview interface in the Files by Google app now boasts two modes: Manual and Auto Capture. While Manual mode requires the user's input to capture the scan, Auto Capture mode uses the phone's camera to automatically identify and scan the document. This smart technology aims to save time and make the scanning process more efficient.

Once a document is scanned, users have access to a variety of tools to fine-tune their scans. These include the ability to add filters to improve the visual clarity and readability of the scanned documents. The integration ensures that there is no compromise on functionality or quality, as the scanner used in both the Drive and Files by Google app is powered by the same ML-Kit scanner.

In addition to the document scanner, Google has also introduced a "Drive" shortcut within the Files app. This shortcut, found under the Storage Devices section, offers users quick access to their cloud-stored files directly from the Files by Google app. Although the update is still rolling out and may not be available to all users immediately, it signifies Google's commitment to creating a cohesive and user-friendly ecosystem across its apps.


In conclusion, the integration of Drive's document scanner into the Files by Google app is a testament to Google's ongoing efforts to enhance user productivity and convenience. This update not only simplifies the process of document scanning and management on mobile devices but also unifies the Google app experience. The addition of the Drive shortcut further exemplifies this unified approach, allowing users seamless access to their cloud files. As the rollout continues, users can look forward to a more streamlined and efficient way to handle their documents, all within the Files by Google app.