Fortnite's Shockwave Hammer Temporarily Removed Following Exploits

Ashton Clark


Fortnite's Shockwave Hammer Temporarily Removed Following Exploits

Epic Games has removed the Shockwave Hammer from all Fortnite playlists, causing a stir in the community. The removal is only temporary, but it has left players wondering what caused the sudden change. It appears that the weapon's controls were messed up, allowing players to exploit the game and win unfairly. 

The Shockwave Hammer has been a controversial tool since its launch. Many players found it fun to use, while others argued that it was overpowered. With the ability to travel long distances and knock down opponents easily, it was deemed too effective. Epic Games attempted to fix this issue by increasing the reload time and making various changes. Nevertheless, the exploits remained, leading to the temporary removal of the Shockwave Hammer. 

The decision to remove the Shockwave Hammer has been met with mixed reactions. Some players are happy that the weapon is gone, as it was often seen as a nuisance. Others, however, are not pleased, as they enjoyed the tool and feel that it was unfairly targeted. Players who were relying on the Shockwave Hammer to win games are particularly unhappy with its removal. 

Epic Games has not provided an exact date for the weapon's return, but they have promised that it will be back sooner rather than later. In the meantime, players will have to adjust to life without the Shockwave Hammer and find new strategies to win games. It is unclear what changes Epic Games will make to the weapon when it is re-introduced, but they have promised to keep players updated.