Microsoft Launcher for Android Introduces Copilot AI in Latest Beta Update

Ashton Clark


Microsoft Launcher for Android Introduces Copilot AI in Latest Beta Update

The Android Microsoft Launcher App Welcomes Copilot AI: Everything You Should Know

With its latest beta version unveiled on May 27, the Microsoft Launcher app for Android devices has debuted Copilot AI. This app overhaul offers Android patrons an innovative home screen option enriched with a customizable interface, a personalized stream, immediate access to files, and incorporated note-taking features. The addition of Copilot AI augments the launcher with artificial intelligence enhancements, revolutionizing content generation and enhancing speedy searches.

Microsoft Launcher Receives Copilot AI Upgrade

This feature was integrated into the app through version 6.240402.2.1139391, yet it remains a beta release, accessible only to beta testers via the Google Play Store. This inclusion aims to invigorate the Microsoft Launcher user interface by embedding Copilot directly within the user's feed, promising a daily AI companion's assistance.

Features Brought About by Copilot AI in Microsoft Launcher

Post-update, a simple swipe right from the main screen leads users to their Glance, News, and now Copilot sections. Copilot AI’s functionalities within the Microsoft Launcher are reachable through a dedicated icon in the search bar, a spot that Bing search previously held. Notably, our exploration revealed no significant distinction in using Copilot AI through its standalone application compared to its integration within this launcher.

Testing conducted on the beta iteration of the Microsoft Launcher app confirmed the operational superiority of features like text and picture creation, alongside rapid search query responses, paralleling the independent Copilot application.