Overwatch 2 Competitive Changes: MMR, Ranked, and More Detailed

Scarlett Turner


Overwatch 2 Competitive Changes: MMR, Ranked, and More Detailed

Blizzard Entertainment is bringing a host of changes to Overwatch 2's competitive play. Following an initial dev update from director Aaron Keller, Blizzard has outlined their plans for matchmaking, MMR, and short-term and long-term goals. These changes are sure to bring a fresh approach to the game, which will challenge players in new and exciting ways.

The major changes revolve around the matchmaking system and the Ranked Play system. For matchmaking, Blizzard is introducing a new system that uses skill ratings to match players in fair and balanced teams. This will ensure that players are playing against opponents of similar skill level, making for an enjoyable and competitive experience.

The Ranked Play system will also be receiving changes. Players will be given rewards for their skill rating at the end of an Overwatch 2 season, and Blizzard will also be introducing a new skill rating system to give players a better idea of where they stand. MMR will also be taking on a more prominent role in the game, as it will be used to determine players’ skill levels in order to create balanced teams.

Blizzard also has plans for short-term and long-term goals. In the short-term, the team is focused on making sure that the game is balanced and enjoyable for all players, as well as introducing new features and content that will keep the game fresh and exciting. In the long-term, Blizzard wants to make sure that Overwatch 2 remains a top-tier competitive game and that it is continually updated with new content and features.

With these changes, Blizzard is making sure that Overwatch 2 will remain an exciting and competitive game for years to come. By introducing a new matchmaking system and Ranked Play system, players will be able to enjoy a more balanced and enjoyable experience. The MMR system will also ensure that players are matched up with opponents of similar skill levels, and Blizzard will be introducing new content and features to keep the game fresh.