Pinterest Boosts Teen Safety With New Protective Features

Ashton Clark


Pinterest Boosts Teen Safety With New Protective Features

Pinterest has unveiled a set of new safety measures targeted at bolstering protection for its teenage users. The update includes several innovative features like private profiles and enhanced control over followers and messages, aligning with similar safety advancements seen on other teen-favored social media platforms such as Instagram.

The new safety feature enables Pinterest users aged 16 and above to select between a public and a private profile. Opting for a private profile allows the user to share a unique link with their friends for connection, without making their profile discoverable on the platform. This safety measure is akin to the one employed by Instagram, which also defaults users under the age of 16 to private, but gives teens the option to make their profile public if they so wish.

Furthermore, Pinterest’s new safety measures offer more control to users over their followers. This added layer of protection helps to ensure that the digital space remains safe and enjoyable for teens. Another key feature is the enhanced message safety control, designed to protect teens from unsolicited or inappropriate communication.

The decision to introduce these new safety features comes in response to the growing concern over the protection of young users in the digital space. With teenagers increasingly engaging in various social media platforms, it is crucial for these platforms to prioritize user safety and privacy, especially for the younger demographic.

In conclusion, Pinterest's new safety measures mark a significant step forward in social media safety for teenagers. By offering private profiles, enhanced follower controls, and message safety controls, Pinterest is creating a safer, more controlled environment for young users. These changes not only align with similar measures on other platforms like Instagram, but they also demonstrate Pinterest's commitment to user safety and privacy. 

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