Snapchat Launches New Parental Content Control Feature

Scarlett Turner


Snapchat Launches New Parental Content Control Feature

The ever-evolving social media platform Snapchat has just unveiled its latest development: a new parental content control feature. This tool will help parents and guardians of minors to protect them from being exposed to potentially inappropriate content while using the app. With this new feature, parents can easily access content filtering capabilities through Snapchat’s Family Center supervision tool in order to block any “sensitive or suggestive” material from appearing in their child’s Snapchat Stories or Spotlight feed.

Once enabled, the setting will restrict any sensitive material only to certain sections of the app, such as Stories and Spotlight, but not from other parts like Chat or Snaps. The option is available by selecting “Restrict Sensitive Content” within the Family Center settings. It is designed so that it does not overly limit what minors can view on their own on Snapchat but still provides some measure of protection for young users who may be exposed to inappropriate materials.

This move towards providing more robust parental controls on social media platforms is a step in the right direction towards safeguarding children’s digital well-being while allowing them autonomy over how they use these applications responsibly without fear of being exposed to inappropriate content that could harm their mental health and well-being online – something all parents should strive for when considering how best to monitor their teenager's technology usage habits at home now more than ever before amid increasing accessibility of various digital services worldwide due to mobile internet connectivity advancements over recent years.

Overall, this introduction of additional parental controls on Snapchat highlights their commitment to safeguarding minors from potential harm while maintaining an open environment where teens feel comfortable engaging with one another – something we can all get behind!