The Power of Sustainable Messaging in Your Ads: Learn How To Leverage It For Maximum Impact

Scarlett Turner


The Power of Sustainable Messaging in Your Ads: Learn How To Leverage It For Maximum Impact

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important as the world seeks to mitigate the impacts of climate change. As such, many brands are emphasizing sustainability in their messaging as a way to create a positive brand identity and drive consumer response. Now, Pinterest is helping to guide brands in optimizing their sustainability messaging for maximum response and impact.

In order to better understand how sustainability messaging impacts consumer response, Pinterest conducted a study of 54 campaigns that included sustainability messages. The results showed that 94% of sustainable campaigns increased awareness of Pin compared to 84% of unsustainable campaigns. This suggests that sustainability messaging can be a powerful tool for stimulating response.

When it comes to optimizing sustainability messaging, Pinterest suggests focusing on visuals as well as statistics. Using visuals that illustrate eco-friendly behavior and matching the color palette to the green ambitions of the brand can help to build awareness and trust. Statistics can also be used to demonstrate the impact of sustainable practices and share tips on how to live sustainably.

Additionally, Pinterest has added new sustainability ad targeting options into Ads Manager, allowing brands to target relevant sustainability audiences using a combination of predefined interests and keywords. This helps to ensure that your sustainability message reaches the right target audience.

Overall, Pinterest has demonstrated the power of sustainability messaging in driving response and improving brand identity. By leveraging the right visuals and targeting options, brands can make a big impact with their sustainability messaging on Pinterest.