Unlocking Potential: Starfield Players Yearn for More Functional Brigs and Med Bays

Ashton Clark


Unlocking Potential: Starfield Players Yearn for More Functional Brigs and Med Bays

Starfield, the latest ambitious RPG from Bethesda, has certainly made waves in the gaming community. Lauded for its robust character and spaceship customization options, the game has garnered widespread acclaim for its immersive galaxy exploration. Nevertheless, it seems there is always room for improvement, no matter how popular the game. One particular aspect causing a stir among players is the perceived underutilization of the in-game brig.

A Reddit user, padster029, sparked a lively discussion when they expressed a desire for a more functional brig system. Sharing an image of a player character in the brig, padster029 lamented the lack of in-game options to utilize the brig beyond mere aesthetic appeal. The post resonated with many Starfield players, who shared their own ideas for incorporating the brig into gameplay, such as a bounty hunter mode or the ability to hold legendary enemies for ransom.

However, the brig isn't the only Starfield feature under scrutiny. Another issue that has caught players' attention is the functionality, or lack thereof, of the med bays. While they add a layer of realism and depth to spaceship interiors, they currently serve no practical purpose in the game. Players cannot use them to heal injuries or illnesses, which some see as another missed opportunity.

It's worth noting that in creating expansive open-world games like Starfield, developers face constraints in terms of time and resources. Including every intricate detail and feature demanded by the player base is simply unrealistic. That being said, the feedback and suggestions from the players are not without merit. They highlight the areas where even acclaimed games like Starfield can improve and evolve.

In conclusion, the brig and med bay discussion underscores the power of player feedback in shaping the future development of games. While Starfield has already achieved considerable success, the active engagement of its player community could lead to even greater heights. With possibilities for mods or even updates from Bethesda, the so-called missed opportunities may yet turn into compelling game features, further enriching the Starfield experience.