WhatsApp Beta Tests New 'Favourites' Chat Filter for Easier Conversation Access

Ashton Clark


WhatsApp Beta Tests New 'Favourites' Chat Filter for Easier Conversation Access

WhatsApp recently initiated the trial of a ‘Favourites’ chat filter feature within its latest Beta iteration, detailing its functionality. The messaging service on Android is in the midst of developing an innovative option that will empower users to earmark and sift through their preferred conversations for swift retrieval. Currently in its developmental phase, this enhancement has begun its deployment to participants who have enlisted via the Google Play Beta Program. With its introduction into the beta version, these individuals are granted the capability to evaluate and interact with the new addition. It is noteworthy that WhatsApp is concurrently conducting tests on filters for unread messages and specific group conversations, aiming to display particular exchanges.

Revealed by feature monitoring entity WABetaInfo, this modification was discovered within WhatsApp beta for Android version It introduces a means for individuals to categorize select interactions as favoured, particularly aiding those inundated with messages who face challenges in locating their frequent contacts. Despite the availability of a chat pinning function, which permits only up to three pinned discussions, this new feature is poised to offer enhanced convenience.

Visual evidence was also put forth by the report, showcasing a screenshot where four different filters are observable atop the interface (positioned beneath the WhatsApp emblem). Existing filters such as All, Unread, and Groups were incorporated prior to this update. Presently, an additional 'Favourites' filter makes its debut, promising a streamlined chat navigation experience.

Describing its utility, the feature purports to “Make it easy to find the people and groups that matter most across WhatsApp.” It includes an “Add to Favourites” selection at the lower segment, allowing manual inclusion of contacts into this array. WABetaInfo further divulges that users retain the flexibility to eliminate or reorganize conversations according to their liking. Given its phased rollout in the beta stage, its visibility to all beta testers might be staggered, yet its emergence is anticipated in the forthcoming days.

In a move separate from the chat filter, WhatsApp has also escalated the duration limit for voice messages shared within Status updates for beta users. Previously capped at 30 seconds, the updated capability extends this limit to a full minute. This adjustment has been implemented across both Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, efforts are being made by the service to introduce an ‘Imagine’ shortcut, aimed at facilitating the generation of AI-driven imagery through Meta AI.