YouTube Music Bringing Fresh Podcast Features Soon

Ashton Clark


YouTube Music Bringing Fresh Podcast Features Soon

YouTube Music is about to get an exciting new feature – podcasts. According to YouTube management, podcasts will soon be available for US users in the near future. Though there isn’t yet any direct evidence of these moves in the YouTube Music app interface, code strings spotted within the latest update indicate that Google is working hard to support podcasts behind the scenes.

According to YouTube management, podcasts are coming “in the near future” for users located in the US. This info was found by 9to5Google after analyzing version 5.48 of the YouTube Music app. The new feature will enable users to add podcasts to their playback queues just like they do with songs and other audio files.

Moreover, podcast content will be featured in the Library tab along with downloaded songs, making it easier for listeners to find and access their favorite shows quickly and conveniently. By blurring distinctions between music and podcasts, this integration should make long-form content seem as if it has always been a part of this streaming platform from day one.

In addition to becoming available via queueing up or searching through your library tab, users can also discover new content through personalized recommendations based on listening history plus trending topics featured by editors at Youtube Music itself – all presented right within the user's libraries' home screens!


With all these features currently being tested under development before the official launch, users can expect an improved experience when accessing long-form materials through youtube music platforms soon enough! Allowing them more freedom when discovering new pieces or revisiting old favorites without having to switch back n forth between different apps – perfect for those who prefer full control over what kind of material they listen to!