The Sims 4 Lingerie Kit Coming Soon – An Exciting New Leak

Scarlett Turner


The Sims 4 Lingerie Kit Coming Soon – An Exciting New Leak
Sims fans are always on the lookout for new content, and now, thanks to a leaked image, we’ve got our first glimpse at the upcoming The Sims 4 lingerie kit. This exciting news has already sent ripples through the Simmers community as they eagerly anticipate its release. 
The leak was discovered by eagle-eyed members of EA's development team, who spotted an image posted just moments before it was taken down. It clearly showed a pair of underwear accompanied by some toothpaste and what looks like a toothbrush, presumably part of an upcoming bathroom set. Needless to say, within seconds, Redditors were speculating over what it all meant, leading swiftly to speculation that this could be part of an upcoming lingerie kit - it turns out they weren't wrong! 
Though there is no exact date yet for its release, given that EA is already looking into adding this content means, hopefully, we won't have too long to wait before getting our hands on it. In speculative terms, however, creative minds have been trying out their proposed lineups for such outfits — from nighties and negligées in soft pastel pinks to French maids costumes featured. Onesies are another popular suggestion after Apple bobbing was released recently as well. All these things offer plenty more imagination than just standard underwear sets — which is something diehard simmers will appreciate vocalizing over and again! 
Whatever comes about in the end, though, one thing's for sure: players will undoubtedly embrace this new kit enthusiastically! We can look forward to lots more creativity as simmers get stuck into creating their own unique designs using whichever items make up this latest addition due soon enough in The Sims 4 universe!