Master The Sims 4: Guide To Completing The Family Fortune Scenario

Scarlett Turner


Master The Sims 4: Guide To Completing The Family Fortune Scenario

The Sims 4, with its life simulation capabilities, allows players to navigate through various scenarios, each with its own unique challenge. One such engaging challenge is the 'Family Fortune Scenario' where players guide the Landry family through disputes over an inheritance. This article serves as your comprehensive guide to successfully completing this scenario and securing Grandma's inheritance.

Step 1: Choose the Scenario

Choose the Scenario

Upon starting the game, navigate to the scenario tab from the home screen and select the 'Family Fortune Scenario.' It is here that you'll first encounter the Landry family, which consists of Ava, Eddie, Lila, and their grandmother, Nyssa. Prepare them to move into a suitable house. You can use the 'freerealestate on' cheat for a budget-free move.

Step 2: Improve The Atmosphere

The scenario starts with tension among the family members over the inheritance, which has upset Nyssa. The first goal involves improving Nyssa's mood. Engage her in fun activities and try to steer her away from the family chaos. Simultaneously, work towards improving inter-sibling relationships by encouraging friendly interactions between them. Remember to keep an eye on Ava and Lila due to their Mean and Hot-Headed traits, respectively.

Step 3: Organize a Dinner Party

Organize a Dinner Party

An important goal in this scenario is to throw a dinner party. This task acts as a platform for the siblings to bond and work on healing their negative sentiments. Success is measured if the dinner party proceeds without fights. Keeping everyone in a good mood is crucial. Utilize options such as mood potions or objects with Emotional Auras from the Rewards Store to maintain positive vibes.

Step 4: Secure Jobs and Partners

Post the dinner party; the siblings are challenged by their grandmother to show their commitment to being better Sims. Each sibling needs to get a job and contribute to the family's income. Additionally, the siblings are encouraged to find romantic partners. Balancing these tasks while improving their relationship with Nyssa will pave the way to the final part of the scenario.

Step 5: Mourn and Manage the Inheritance

Mourn and Manage the Inheritance

The Family Fortune scenario culminates with the demise of Grandma Nyssa. Each sibling receives a letter mentioning their share of the inheritance based on their relationship with Nyssa and their accomplishments. The siblings must mourn at Nyssa's grave and then handle the inheritance responsibly for a successful conclusion. An optional goal is to strengthen Nyssa's connection to the physical world by keeping her ghost around.

By following these steps, players can effectively navigate through the Family Fortune scenario in The Sims 4. While the challenge involves managing interpersonal relationships and individual growth, its dynamic nature allows for multiple replays providing a unique experience each time. Happy Simming!