Unlocking the Orange Tape: The Peach Pie Secret in Amanda the Adventurer

Scarlett Turner


Unlocking the Orange Tape: The Peach Pie Secret in Amanda the Adventurer

In Amanda the Adventurer, players often find themselves solving various puzzles to unlock hidden content and progress through the game. The Orange Tape is one of the secret tapes that players can acquire, leading them to new endings and intriguing revelations. To obtain it, players need to make a peach pie, which differs from the apple pie recipe given in the "In the Kitchen" Tape. Follow these steps to make a peach pie and unlock the Orange Tape successfully. 

Pay Attention to the "In the Kitchen" Tape

The "In the Kitchen" Tape is the first tape that players have access to in Amanda the Adventurer. Throughout the video, Amanda provides instructions on making an apple pie, including the required oven temperature, the baking time, and the process of putting the pie together. Players will need to remember these details, as they will also apply to the peach pie. One crucial line hints at the secret peach pie recipe: Wooly's favorite pie is not apple but peach.

Locate and Acquire the Peach

After the "In the Kitchen" Tape is completed, players will find an oven on the table in the center of the attic. On one side of the oven, there is a collection of fruits featuring the necessary apple for the apple pie. However, players aiming to unlock the Orange Tape need to find a peach, which is not visible in the fruit pile. The peach is hidden behind some boxes on a shelf near the oven. Players need to increase the brightness on their screens to spot it. Once found, pick it up to continue the process.

Prepare the Peach Pie

Following the same instructions provided for making the apple pie, players will need to set the oven to 425 degrees, place the peach in the pie tin, and set the pie tin in the oven. Next, set the timer for 40 minutes and close the oven door. This process will ensure a perfect peach pie, just as Wooly desires.

Obtain the Orange Tape

Once the peach pie is successfully baked, the oven will release the pie plate and the peach, along with the sought-after Orange Tape. Unlike when making the apple pie, the Orange Tape will only appear when players successfully create Wooly's favorite peach pie.

Watch the Orange Tape or Proceed to Future Puzzles

With the Orange Tape in hand, players can now choose to watch it and uncover its secrets or continue with the apple pie recipe to advance through Amanda the Adventurer. The Orange Tape will prove valuable for those aiming to unlock all secret tapes and discover every possible ending in the game.

By following this guide, players can ensure they craft the perfect peach pie and unlock the elusive Orange Tape in Amanda the Adventurer. The added layer of mystery and hidden content makes the game even more engaging, pushing players to closely examine every detail and pursue every secret to master Amanda the Adventurer's challenges truly.