The Sinister Seven: A Countdown of Lethal Company's Most Terrifying Creatures

Scarlett Turner
The Sinister Seven: A Countdown of Lethal Company's Most Terrifying Creatures

In the dark and treacherous moons of Lethal Company, a co-op horror game that pushes the boundaries of fear, players are tasked with scavenging for scrap while evading some of the most chilling entities imaginable. These monsters, crafted with immense creativity and a keen eye for terror by developer Zeekerss, stand between the players and their objectives. With the gameplay focusing on survival and resource management, encountering these nightmares can be a death sentence. Here's a look at the seven scariest monsters you'll wish to avoid in Lethal Company, each with its own horrifying quirks.

7. Hoarding Bug

game screen hoarding bug

The Hoarding Bug is a colossal entity that looms in secluded areas, zealously guarding its amassed resources. With the ability to occupy entire spaces, its sheer size is intimidating enough, but its agility and territorial nature make it a formidable obstacle. Should you disturb its hoard, be prepared for a high-speed pursuit that will test your resourcefulness and reflexes.

6. Earth Leviathan

What you can't see can hurt you—this is the lesson taught by the Earth Leviathan. This gargantuan worm-like creature burrows beneath the surface, stalking its prey with a silent vigilance that is as nerve-wracking as it is deadly. When the ground starts shaking, and the air fills with debris, it's a signal to flee for your life, lest you become the Leviathan's next meal.

5. Eyeless Dog

Eyeless Dog game screen

The Eyeless Dog is the epitome of predatory prowess. With inky fur and a set of gleaming fangs, it's a spectral terror in the night, capable of brutal attacks. Its lack of sight is a small mercy, offering a sliver of hope to those cunning enough to move silently and avoid a grisly fate at its jaws.

4. Bracken

The Bracken is a creature of contradictions – humanoid yet alien, passive yet aggressive. It stalks players from the shadows, retreating when observed, but if you dare to keep your gaze fixed on it, the Bracken becomes an assailant. Its unnerving behavior and the eerie way it drags its victims into oblivion make it a true horror.

3. Thumper

Thumper game screen

Take the primal fear of sharks, add an uncanny pair of limbs, and you have the Thumper. This monster's eerie grin and penetrating gaze are the stuff of nightmares. Although its auditory sense is limited, it compensates with a keen vision and terrifying speed. Evading the Thumper is a game of wit and agility, pushing players to their limits.

2. Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl brings a chilling twist to the game—haunting one player at a time, invisible to the rest of the team. Her unpredictable movements and the solitary nature of her pursuit make her one of the most petrifying challenges in the game. When she skips towards you, it's a harbinger of doom that you can't easily share or escape.

1. Coil Head

The top of our sinister list is reserved for Coil Head, a grotesque amalgamation of mannequin parts and mechanical horror. Its spine-chilling screeches and lightning-fast movements will haunt players long after they've logged off. The only way to stop Coil Head? A staring contest that nobody wants to win. Its persistent pursuit is enough to make the bravest of players' blood run cold.


With each terrifying encounter in Lethal Company, players are reminded that survival is a luxury in a world overrun by such nightmarish creatures. This lineup of horrors ensures that the stakes are always high, and safety is but a fleeting dream. Whether you're a seasoned horror enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, these monsters are sure to leave an indelible mark on your gaming experience. Venture forth if you dare, but remember: in Lethal Company, the monsters are always watching, always waiting.