Call of Duty®: Ghosts - Extinction Pack

Call of Duty®: Ghosts - Extinction Pack is the latest installment in the popular Call of Duty® series. Developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, this game offers players an intense, action-packed experience with an added twist. Zombies are the main focus, and players can expect to face off against hordes of the undead in a bid to survive. With its unique take on the zombie shooter genre, this is a game that players will not want to miss out on.

A Powerhouse of Features

The game itself is packed with features, giving players a unique and immersive experience. The game includes a variety of weapons and equipment to choose from, allowing players to customize their loadouts. There are also a variety of maps, from abandoned cities to military bases, giving players a wide range of environments to explore. The game also features an interesting storyline, as well as a variety of enemy types to fight.

Some Drawbacks

While there are many positive aspects to the game, there are some drawbacks to take into consideration. The game can be quite repetitive, and the objectives can become quite monotonous. Additionally, the game is quite challenging, as players will need to be strategic in order to survive. This can make the game somewhat difficult for those who are new to the shooter genre.

Exploring the Unique Features of Call of Duty®: Ghosts - Extinction Pack

Call of Duty®: Ghosts - Extinction Pack offers an exciting blend of intense first-person action, strategic planning, and cooperative game play. The game features a variety of weapons and equipment, including assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and more. The Extinction Pack also introduces a new type of enemy, the alien-like Cryptids, that must be dealt with using special tactics and weapons. Additionally, players can complete special challenges to earn rewards, such as bonus points and exclusive gear.

The Weak Sides of Call of Duty®: Ghosts - Extinction Pack

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to Call of Duty®: Ghosts - Extinction Pack. The game can be quite challenging, especially for novice players. Additionally, the game is quite large, so it may take a while to download and install fully. Finally, some of the graphics are a bit outdated compared to other titles in the franchise.


  • Adds new features and content to the popular Call of Duty®: Ghosts game
  • Features four new multiplayer maps and a brand new cooperative Extinction mode
  • Introduces new weapons, characters, and enemies
  • Provides a story-based campaign mode with its own set of objectives and challenges


  • The content in the Extinction Pack may be too similar to the main game
  • The new maps and mode may not be as exciting or as challenging as the main game
  • The pack may not provide enough new content for those who already own the game

Conclusion: An Enjoyable Experience

Overall, Call of Duty®: Ghosts - Extinction Pack is an enjoyable experience. Players will find themselves immersed in the intense action and zombie-filled environments. The game's graphics and sound are top-notch and provide a great atmosphere for the game. Players will find themselves spending hours upon hours trying to survive the zombie onslaught. While the game does have some drawbacks, it still remains one of the better zombie shooters on the market.

Call of Duty®: Ghosts - Extinction Pack Logo
Author: Infinity Ward
Size: 40 GB available space

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