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2.5 / 5


Дмитриев Максим Константинович


200 MB available space

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Digger Online Review

Digger Online is an app developed by Дмитриев Максим Константинович. Digger Online was first published on . Digger Online is available for Steam.


In this game you have available 249 unique types of building blocks! More than 100 different scenery! 25 unique characters! 8 game modes

You can create levels of the game with your friends, traveling on someone else's map and easy evaluate them. The game has a top list of cards that will allow the best cards to be seen.

Also "Kopatel-Online" gives you a large number of different decorations, which will be constantly updated. You can vitalize your card with animals, fish and birds.

Your card can be a serious puzzle for the other players, because you can hide a variety of traps , door keys, do the secret hiding place there, such as gold cups, for example.

The game has well-developed characters for each kind of person : knights, pirates, vikings, skeletons, zombies, today's soldiers, many of whom will have their own unique abilities.

Also "Kopatel" has several combat playing modes such as :

Hunger Games

Modern War

Zombie Virus


Digger Online

2.5 / 5

Digger Online Logo
Author: Дмитриев Максим Константинович
Size: 200 MB available space

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