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Forward Line Review

Forward Line is an app created by Dreamreason. Forward Line was first published on . Forward Line is accessible on Steam, Other.

Forward Line is a turn based, medium weight, abstract strategy board game with a World War II theme. The object is to capture the cities of the world with your military units. The game is over when one player has more than twice as many cities than his opponent. Each city can create one unit per game turn, so the more cities you conquer the more units you can muster and the greater your chances of victory.

In some ways the game is like chess, in that it is a game of positioning and maneuver; there is no random chance involved in determining whether a unit defeats an enemy unit. However, you must also use the terrain to gain advantage, and must sometimes contend with imperfect knowledge, such as managing the danger of deadly, invisible submarines. There are 10 types of military unit that have unique roles that must be combined to deceive, outrun, outwit and overwhelm your opponent.


  • Multiplayer mode over LAN, Wi-Fi or internet.
  • Single player mode against the AI.
  • In game tutorial for learning the rules.
  • View the online manual for details on the gameplay mechanics (link on right)--->

Forward Line

4.2 / 5

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Author: Dreamreason
Size: 50 MB available space

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