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Hayfever Review

Hayfever is an app by Pixadome. Hayfever was first published on . It is accessible for Steam, Other.

Help Thomas the allergic mailman gather all his lost letters! In Hayfever, the player takes control of Thomas; a young postman with a strong sense of pride in his work. There is just one tiny little issue; Thomas suffers from terrible (and we mean TERRIBLE) allergies.

It is up to the player to use his allergies to help him traverse the dangerous world, turning Thomas’ weaknesses into strengths! Different allergens have different effects on Thomas - radically changing how he interacts with the world.

Regular pollen allows him to build up a big sneeze to propel himself through the air. Smog, on the other hand, makes him swell up like a balloon. Peanuts… Well, peanuts are a WHOLE other story.


  • Demanding, Sneeze-driven Mechanics

  • Four worlds, spanning each of the year’s seasons (there might be a secret world as well… Just saying)

  • 140 Challenging Levels, 240 Collectibles

  • Allergy-Fueled Gameplay ranging from Pollen & Smog to Nuts!

  • An AMAZING Soundtrack


4 / 5

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Author: Pixadome
Size: 850 MB available space

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