Impressions is an interactive sci-fi short story game developed by the team at Stream 47A. The game gives players a unique experience of taking on the role of a news pundit and shaping the world's perception on the newly discovered aliens. It is free to play and has exquisite player appearance options for complete immersion. With a unique time limit system where dialogue will proceed without you, Impressions will surely keep you on your toes.


Impressions have great graphics that capture the feeling of a science fiction story. The environment is vibrant and detailed, with a dark and eerie atmosphere. Character models are well-designed and each one looks unique. The game also has excellent lighting effects, which help set the mood for each scene. The music in Impressions contributes greatly to the atmosphere as well, with its electronic beats that perfectly set the tone for each day.


The gameplay of Impressions revolves around taking on the role of a news pundit, who must comment on the newly discovered aliens to shape their world’s perception of them. What you say will affect how others view them and can even shape their behavior towards humanity. You must think carefully but quickly, as STREAM 47A won’t wait for your answers if you take too long.


Impressions is primarily a single-player experience, but it also has some multiplayer aspects. Players can join together online to discuss their thoughts about the newly discovered aliens and develop solutions or theories about what could happen next in the story. This allows players to collaborate with each other, share ideas, and come up with unique strategies for advancing through the game’s narrative arcs more quickly.


The replayability of Impressions depends largely on how much effort you put into exploring all of its different aspects and making decisions that will shape how others view aliens in-game. Multiple endings can be reached depending on your choices throughout each day, so there is definitely an incentive to replay it multiple times if you want to experience every possible outcome or just want to explore different paths through its narrative arcs more thoroughly than before.


  • Fun and simple gameplay
  • Interesting graphics and sound effects
  • Easy to learn
  • Engaging puzzles and levels
  • Challenging boss fights
  • Replayability


  • A limited number of levels
  • Some levels can be quite difficult
  • RNG-based puzzle elements can be annoying


Overall, Impressions is an engaging sci-fi short story video game that puts you in control of shaping the world's perception of newly discovered aliens by acting as a news pundit who must comment on them quickly but thoughtfully. It has great graphics, exciting gameplay mechanics, some multiplayer aspects, and plenty of replayability, thanks to its multiple endings depending on your daily choices. If you’re looking for an immersive sci-fi experience with lots of lore packed into it then this is definitely one worth checking out!

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Author: Infinite Level
Size: 212 MB available space

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