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4.2 / 5


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Steven the Sperm Review

Steven the Sperm is an app created by Peter Simmons. Steven the Sperm was first published on . Steven the Sperm is currently available for Steam, Other.

The ultimate race of life....

~Steven and the rest of the sperm were preparing for their big race, when all of a sudden, a horrific rush of spermicide began to attack and kill them all! Many (future) lives perished, but one survived - Steven!

Steven was fast and nimble, and managed to evade the threat! Now, all alone with the spermicide closing in on him ever so quickly, Steven must make it to the egg before it's too late! Will a child be born, or will the commanding contraception erase him from exquisite existence?~


  • 8 awesome and unique stages! (16 stages technically if you count unlocking something that may... "modify" these levels a bit...)
  • Challenging and addictive gameplay with satisfying sound effects that'll keep you playing for hours! (even if you die over and over again.)
  • Charming game atmosphere with a late 90s PC game vibe, and lots of little quirks and details!
  • Cool unlockable title screens and cosmetics to personalize your game!
  • Achievements to help give some extra objectives and spicen up the stages after you've mastered them!
  • Bonus videos that'll make you want to see what happens when you (or IF you can) 100% the game...
  • A scoreboard to keep track of your highscore or best time! Perfect for speedrunning!

Can you make it to the egg and give birth to a beautiful life? Or will you perish and leave only failure in your wake?

Steven the Sperm

4.2 / 5

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Author: Peter Simmons

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